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forcibly displaced people in the world


Deaths in Europe borders since ’93


of all refugees are originated from just five countries


children refugees in the world

Our Story
Who are we?

The collective HuBB started in Lisbon in 2018 by a group of young activists, much of them after their experience in the field, decided it was time to start the change from their hometown. Very quickly in the beginning of 2019 a similar group of activists in Porto decide to join efforts and also be part of HuBB.

News & Updates


Developing the Healthcare HuBB Project: Caring for Migrants with Compassion and Competence

In the modern era, in a constantly changing world, migration is a reality that cannot be ignored. With this in mind, HuBB – Humans Before Borders, a dedicated group of healthcare professionals, is leading an important initiative aimed at reducing barriers to healthcare access for migrant individuals. Introducing the Healthcare HuBB Project, a training program...
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Statement on the Pylos’ shipwreck

And Europe’s ongoing disregard for migrant lives
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Tertúlia Migratória of March in Casa da Horta

Last March 29th we held another Migratory Get-Together at Casa da Horta. The theme of this tertulia was Education. We had the opportunity to hear practically all the participants about their vision for a world where Education is a tool for inclusion, development and evolution of people, but also a tool to start a revolution....
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