The Doc “Ice Cream Sellers” from Sohel was a huge success!

On the 30th of September and 1st of October we gathered in Porto and Lisbon to watch Sohel Rahman’s documentary “The ice cream sellers”, which portrays the life of two Rohingya brothers – Ayas 10y and Asia 8y – who sell ice cream in the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh, in a desperate attempt to earn enough money to release their father from prison in Myanmar. This was followed by a conversation with Sohel about the persecution, genocide and exodus of the Rohingya people, as well as, our role as civil society on fighting for their rights. Sohel will be traveling in the next months to show his documentary and talk about the Rohingya people, you can follow him on his facebook page (link in bio!) and contact him for future partnerships. We stand together!

Sohel Rahman:

“I don’t find words to say how much it means to me. What a great beginning of my “world tour” with the film The Ice Cream Sellers! House was full! You people gave me strength and love to move forward, you made me believe that this world is still full of kind and beautiful people, and you let the Rohingya people know that they are loved and not forgotten. Had a great talk about the film and finding the peace and solution for one of the most persecuted, friendless communities in the world. After a long journey, my body is exhausted, but my soul is with full of butterflies. Midnight, my eyes are getting closed but I can’t sleep. All the faces, all the words consistently moving in my head. Many thanks HuBB, what a beautiful team of wonderful people. Many thanks to all my friends and people who came to watch the film and participate in the talk. Looking forward to the next screenings”