On May 26th HuBB – Humans Before Borders participated in the event “Solidarity with Syria and Turkey” at Espiga in Porto. Through the voice of Beatriz Bartilotti Matos we had the opportunity to show our vision about borders and the situation of migrations in Europe, Frontex violence and racial violence at the borders of Europe.

This event had the moderation and intervention of Rula Daoud, a Syrian humanitarian working with the Red Cross, and two first responders and volunteers from the Syrian organizations White Helmets and Molham Volunteering Team. We had the opportunity to try snacks prepared by a Syrian family.

The event raised €643 in cash donations, divided between the two organizations that spoke with us, White Helmets and the Molham Volunteering Team.

For those who were unable to contribute money during the event, but would still like to donate to these organizations, we again share the links to the organizations, where you can donate online.





The movie about the White Helmets mentioned in the video we showed is on Netflix for anyone who wants to watch.

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