Universidade do Minho hosts an event with the film “Route 4 – A Dreadful Journey” and a Debate

On March 22, 2023, a special event took place at the University of Minho in Braga, featuring the screening of the film “Route 4 – A Dreadful Journey.” The organisations present at the event included Humans Before Borders, Porta Nova, and Sea-eye.

After the film screening, there was an enriching debate with the participation of Lokas Cruz Medica, a HuBB activist with rescue experience, Mônica Costeira, also a HuBB activist, and Iris Scherer, a representative from Sea-eye. Participants discussed important issues related to the film’s theme and shared their experiences and perspectives on the challenges faced by refugees.

This event provided an opportunity for those present to engage in an open and constructive dialogue about the current situation of refugees and how organisations and individuals can collaborate to address this global issue. We invite everyone to visit our website for more information on future events and how to get involved in these important discussions.

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