Between 2015 and 2018 more than 10.000 people died trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in search of refuge. We are a group of individuals here to remind the European Union of its core value, which is the Convention of Human Rights, amongst which the right of Asylum.

No border should be more worthy of protection than a human life.

For years people have been dying trying to cross the border to Europe. On both sides of the borders people are stuck in camps, where human rights are violated. To make Europe a fortress cannot be an option.

We need more legal migration channels, we need safe passages.

Migration has always been part of history and the right of asylum is a moral and legal obligation. Violently guarding borders will not eliminate the cause of fleeing and will therefore not stop human trafficking.

We want democracy, integrity and transparency.

Let us not be fooled by nationalistic speeches that promote fear, discrimination and division. Using this tragedy to spread xenophobic views and win political power is unacceptable.

We need informed and critical citizens.

Dangerous myths arise out of misinformation and generalisation. We strive to access and spread reliable information.

Economy should serve, not restrict humans.

As long as there is unequal access to opportunities and resources people will continue to migrate in need of a better life. Profiting from war by dealing weapons and exploiting natural resources of developing countries is causing even more people to flee. We condemn the economic system that focuses on exploitation, financial gain and power. We remind the European Union on their commitment to protect our environment and on their promise of de-escalation and demilitarisation.

Human Rights must be the fundamental basis of every political decision.

To cooperate with unstable governments like Libya, where human rights are utterly disregarded, and with autocratic leaders, that respond to nothing but their own interests, is shameful. We are outraged by the dirty deals the European Union continues to make.

Humanitarian aid is a duty, never a crime.

The criminalization of humanitarian aid workers is misplaced and negligent. NGOs respond to an emergency the governments should have taken responsibility for.

We believe individual action makes a difference.

Whoever chooses to assume a passive position accepts and perpetuates migrant deaths. Silence leaves space for many more Human Rights violations. We are not letting this pass unnoticed.

We believe collective action has the power to change the world.

Let us unite against the growing apathy towards the violation of Human Rights. We want to raise awareness and we are calling for action. These are our rights. This is our problem.